George Bush Park
Alligators Gator Houston Texas

March 5, 2016

Hi my name is Joe Mug and I'm a large male alligator belong to the gator family I prefer to live alone and I'm very defensive over my territory at George Bush Park. I have a long snout with upward facing nostrils at the end so I got the nickmame Joe Mug. I'm so loved that it has spawned all sorts of endearing nicknames, Big Boy, Snappy, Scales, Jaws, Shady, Izzard, Big Head, etc. by cyclists and passer byers, I would prefer to be called american alligator and avoid interactions with people altogether, so when they startled me while sunning myself, I instinctively head for the water. My gators friends and I are capable of killing humans, but are generally wary enough not to see them as a source of potential prey. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, right? Mistaken identity leading to an attack is always possible, especially in or near cloudy waters. None of my alligator friends can be trusted so don't get careless or act stupid. To avoid the absolute worst of alligator attacks...keep away from the edge of lakes and bayous at George Bush Park.
Respectfully yours,
Joe Mug the Big Boy alligator at George Bush Park

Photo Credit Billy Bert
Picture Taken at George Bush Park Houston Texas


August 1, 2016

Harris County Flood Control Channel T-103 (Barker Reservoir) which feeds into Buffalo Bayou downstream. There are spotted gar everywhere, alligators gar, carp, catfish and turtles to watch and you might even see an alligator. This drainage ditch runs alongside of an hike and bike trail in George Bush Park and makes this part of Harris County Texas park very accessible to walkers,anglers and cyclists alike .
August 1, 2016,
Joe Mug

Picture 2 Taken by Dan and Vivid, Saturday March 25, 2016 1:12PM
Gator George Bush Park
Pictures were taken at George Bush Park Houston TX. Because alligators are regularly observed lazily basking along George Bush Park, Houston TX., many people mistakenly assume that they are docile and harmless, alligators should never be approached and people should avoid becoming complacent along the shoreline of waters that may contain alligators. According to some cyclists at George Bush Park the gator in the first photo was larger than 14 foot and the bicycle riders seeming a bit more uncomfortable with snakes in the park... gators don't bother cyclists too much in George Bush Park. Snakes are the only thing that scare most bicycle rides in the park. Cyclists have no problem with gators in George Bush Park.
Where:                GEORGE BUSH PARK Houston TX.   
When:                 March 2016
Photos submitted by:  Cyclists at George Bush Park 

October 14, 2016

The alligator will not be charged with hunting deer out of season. T103 drainage canal at George Bush Park, Houston Texas

Where:                GEORGE BUSH PARK Houston TX.   
When:                 October 14, 2016
Photos submitted by:  Billy Bert at George Bush Park 

8 point buck, not sure what killed him but alligators will prey on deer.
Found this one Oct. 14, 2016, T103 drainage canal at George Bush Park, Texas

Estimation of time of death is always a challenge for anyone, there was no odor, rigor mortis had done set in and without presence of maggots as I see it was a recent death.
Fact: If given the opportunity, Alligators will attack large animal that comes to the water or the water's edge and alligators actually have very good eyesight, which is an important adaptation for hunting. They are especially adapted to see and sense movement of potential prey animals. The position of their eyes on their head gives them a wide sight range. The only place they cannot see is right behind them.

Picture Taken at George Bush Park Houston Texas
GEORGE BUSH PARK Broad-banded Water Snake
Photo Credit Billy Bert
Unfortunately, these broad-banded water snakes with colorful bellies and non-poisonous, are often confused with Copperheads and Cotton mouths and are intentionally killed by humans.

Picture Taken at George Bush Park Houston Texas
Photo Credit Billy Bert
Unfortunately, Nutrias are one of the alligator's favorite preys. That is because they live on aquatic plants that grow in water or in soil that is permanently saturated with water, herefore a common component of wetlands and alligators find it easy to ambush them.

Alligators and snakes impacted by flood waters from Monday's storm April 18,2016

Historic Houston Texas Flood April 2016 brings out George Bush Park, alligators and snakes. Flooding in George Bush Park is causing these large Alligators to leave their natural habitats of Buffalo Bayou. And sometimes, wander into neighborhood. This is mating season for alligators and snakes (usually April-June is the mating season in the park), which could makes the reptiles even more hazardous to be around.

George Bush Park is, located on the far west side of Houston, serves as an attraction and nature reserve for the Buffalo Bayou, a major water source in the park. Most of the attractions are located on Westheimer Parkway and the park hosts a large group of soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, model aircraft flying fields, Millie Bush Bark Dog Park, a shooting range and scores of playgrounds, ponds, pavilions and jogging trails for walking, jogging, skating, cycling and a place to ride your mountain bike on dirt trails that weave in and out of the forestry or just walk around sight-seeing, not bad for a park so close to the the largest city in the big state of Texas. I believe anyone would enjoy a visit, just for the sake being outdoors and around nature. And there is a good group of wildlife possums, deer, wild hog, skunks, armadillos, many birds and alligators live in the park area.

Relax and enjoy George Bush Park and get outside and have some fun outdoors and around nature!

Joe Mug

Photo Credits - USFWS
Unfortunately, Feral pigs are an invasive species that damage native plants and crops in the Barker-Addicks reservoir. Visit the Feral hog capture program aims to protect waterways, feed poor at Barker-Addicks reservoir

Alligators Facts:
(1) DON'T let pets swim, exercise, drink from the T103 drainage canal at George Bush Park, just keep in mind that there might be alligators present.
(2) If given the opportunity, Alligators will attack large animal that comes to the water or the water's edge.
(3) 7-8 feet in size is when alligators can really start injuring people and taking dogs.
(4) Alligators are attracted to dogs probably because they are about the same size as an alligator's natural prey.
(5) Alligators eat fish, turtles, frogs, birds and small or large animal that comes to the water or the water's edge.
(6) Alligators will not flee while on land - they will face you and stand their ground
(7) Most attacks on humans are by animals 9-10 feet or larger.

Billybob Edward